High quality diamond earrings and bespoke diamond jewellery

HOUSE OF HUXLEY is borne out of a desire for simplicity, honesty and quality with a luxurious touch. We believe buying diamond jewellery, for yourself or a loved one, should be an exciting, indulgent and stress-free experience and it's our mission to offer you exactly that.

Founded in 2017, we are a small, independent boutique governed by passion and integrity over large profit margins. Created by diamond lovers, for diamond lovers, we want you to be delighted with your purchase - anything less and we simply aren't doing our job properly.

Our timeless diamond solitaire earrings all share a common centrepiece, an ethically sourced and meticulously hand selected, exquisite colourless diamond. When choosing jewellery with HOUSE OF HUXLEY, you can rest assured that none of the diamonds in our earrings have a clarity any less than Very Slightly Included (VS), have a minimum of a Very Good cut, polish and symmetry and have all been handpicked against stringent quality standards and expertly matched in pairs. For more information on our standards and extensive selection process, visit The HUXLEY Promise.

House of Huxley Diamonds Graded by GIA - Gemological Institute of America     House of Huxley are proud to hallmark in London with The Goldsmiths' Company    House of Huxley diamonds are valued by SafeGuard independent jewellery valuation services