Town Talk Polish exquisite jewel sparkle solution, microfibre polishing cloth and tongs

We just love this handy, travel sized jewellery dip. Suitable for diamonds, gold and platinum, it restores the sparkle to your jewels quickly and effortlessly.

Town Talk Polish

Since 1985, Mr Town Talk's remarkable collection of cleaners and polishes has, quite simply, had no equal.

Made from the very finest materials available, each one has been specifically formulated to keep your prized possessions looking good as new forever.


Jewel Sparkle (50ml), microfibre polishing cloth, brush and tongs.


Using the tongs provided, dip your jewellery into the cleaning fluid. Check your jewellery after two minutes and, if necessary, repeat the process until your jewellery is clean. Do not leave items immersed for long periods. Remove any embedded dirt with the brush and dry with a soft, clean cloth. Polish with the microfibre polishing cloth.

Caution: Do not use this cleaner on emeralds, opals, corals, pearls, paste stones or costume jewellery. Do not fully immerse jewellery which has water soluble fixings.